Thank you to those who gave to our 2016-17 fundraiser!

We are so grateful to everyone who supported our first fundraiser and helped us exceed our expectations and raise $2,300!

Everyone in the ÆPEX Team would like to give heartfelt thanks to:

William Shell

William Copper

Joseph Gramley

D Mark Schumann

Leann Schumann

Patrick Fitzgerald

Matthew Schumann

Catherine J Green

Meg Green

Penny Fitzgerald

James G Craven

Hajnal Pivnick

Suby Raman

James A Simpson

Gahlord Dewald

Amy Petrongelli

Gwen Durazo

David Schoem

Tim Steeves

Edo Frenkel

Jacqueline Fitzgerald

Shana Schoem

Stephanie Mitchell

Jonathan Schumann

Garrett Shatzer

Aime Le

Clare Shore

Joan O'Lear