A New Resource for Inclusive Music Pedagogy


 ÆPEX Contemporary Performance recognizes an enormous problem in the field of music involves the exclusion of musical works by creators with minority identities from performance on the concert stage, as well as from study in the music classroom.

Since our debut in 2015, our mission has focused on sharing the music of rarely performed and underrepresented twentieth and twenty-first century composers from around the world with audiences across Michigan.

But, we know we must do more to address this problem, and, specifically, we must do more to confront the structures that reinforce and normalize these practices of exclusion across our field.

We strongly believe collegiate music curricula, namely music theory curricula, play a powerful role in reproducing these exclusive structures.

  • For example, musical works created by women and people of color represent less than 5% of the repertoire featured in the nation’s most widely-used music theory textbooks.

This is why we have chosen to blend the practices of performance and scholarship to create The ÆPEX Anthology, a new resource for inclusive music pedagogy.


The ÆPEX Anthology will be an open-source, free-to-use, online compendium of musical examples and recordings solely featuring the music of women, people of color, and musicians with other marginalized identities active from the sixteenth century through the early twentieth century.

Our goal is for the Anthology to be flexible and extensive enough for any music instructor, music department, or music lover to employ these resources as a supplement to – or substitute for – existing literature.

In addition to participating in this research project, ÆPEX will produce special concerts related to the Anthology’s contents, beginning in the 2019-2020 season with a focus on music by composers of African descent.


Creating the ÆPEX Anthology will be a group effort, and we have assembled an advisory board of renowned scholars and artists to guide our staff, and our other institutional partners, through the project’s first phase:


We have already begun working, and the Anthology’s first batch of materials will be piloted at colleges across the country as early as the Fall of 2019. To join this pilot program, contact to receive a link to our intake form.


Throughout the duration of The ÆPEX Anthology’s creation, we will program special concerts with a more historical focus. These will enable us to share the rare works we are studying with our audiences, and raise public awareness of the issues that motivate this endeavor.

290 Years of Music by Composers of African Descent!

In 2019-20, our Anthology Events focus on composers of African descent from Ignatius Sancho (1729-1780) to living American composer Anthony R. Green, with many others from the eighteenth, nineteenth, and twentieth century in between.

Visit our Anthology Events page for more details.

Support the ÆPEX Anthology by making a donation to ÆPEX Contemporary Performance today!

One Piece in the Broader Movement towards Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion in Classical Music

There are many other organizations and initiatives around the country whose work in this area began long before the ÆPEX Anthology, and our goal is not to compete with any of these endeavors but, rather, to create a resource that works alongside them in the pursuit for a more equitable, diverse, and inclusive field of Classical Music.

Some of these other projects, anthologies, foundations, awards, and concert presenters are listed below, please follow the links to explore their incredible work:

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Foundations and Scholarly Organizations:

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Podcasts and Other Media:

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