Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation Proposal

ÆPEX Contemporary Performance proposes, “ÆPEX Access”, a series of broadcast sites located throughout downtown Ann Arbor, which would deliver a live audio-video stream of our upcoming season kick off concert at First United Methodist Church on October 14, 2016 to Ann Arbor’s culturally curious and music loving public. ÆPEX Contemporary Performance will specifically locate these broadcast stations at easily accessible sites throughout downtown Ann Arbor, encouraging any and all passers-by to enjoy a potentially spontaneous and free musical experience.

With the support of the Ann Arbor Awesome Foundation, “ÆPEX Access”, will be relatively easy to execute. Social media applications, such ‘Periscope’ or ‘Facebook Live’, will enable ÆPEX Contemporary Performance to broadcast this concert without purchasing much new equipment, and indoor broadcast sites will take advantage of the space’s existing technology (i.e. the basement theater at the downtown Ann Arbor Public Library).


Ideally, at least one broadcast location will be outdoors, which will require a projector, screen, and loudspeakers, as well as compliance with the City Of Ann Arbor’s relevant ordinances. Moreover, the social media technology at the heart of, “ÆPEX Access”, enables the possibility to share this performance, and its representation of Ann Arbor’s cultural vitality, with viewers in other cities across the country, or beyond, for no greater expense nor effort.

We at ÆPEX Contemporary Performance are confident, “ÆPEX Access”, will yield a communal art experience impossible to achieve in a traditional concert setting. Furthermore, “ÆPEX Access” gives hundreds of people in the Ann Arbor community a chance to experience ÆPEX Contemporary Performance’s world-class concert production at no cost simply by taking a walk or by frequenting a local establishment. By making the world’s best newly composed music public for a few of hours, “ÆPEX Access” holds the potential to facilitate countless meaningful and unexpected art interactions across downtown Ann Arbor and beyond.